The Project

The Project

We believe quality television can make a difference. As veteran educators and television producers, we believe that children learn best when they are excited and entertained, not preached to about what is good for them. By involving kids in the fun of discovering unprocessed foods, we are teaching without preaching, paving the way for a lifetime of healthy eating. 

Cast of Characters and Regular Sequences on Betty and Eddie’s Flying Food Adventure Show

Betty  – animated child host, Eddie Spaghetti’s niece, takes us on food adventures

Eddie Spaghetti- live host (actor Eric Haessler) who owns and drives the Flying Food Adventure Truck, Betty Spaghetti’s uncle, head chef on Kitchen Island

Ali Fresco – live action/animated Garden Expert who runs the truck’s roof top garden and shows us how to know and grow today’s ingredient

“The Bugs” – animated-good-for-the-garden bugs who gather “Cheers” style at Pete’s Place which is also in the garden on the roof – provide fun facts and humor about today’s ingredient (our Greek Chorus) Pete’s Place is run by the Beetle Pete and his Lady Bug wife Dora and their friends include: Herbie the Bee, S Cargo the Snail, Madame Butterfly the Diva, The Professor who is a grasshopper, Tom the caterpillar, Lacy the Lacewing moth, Nina and Frederick the dragonflies.

Wanda – animated GPS/BPS the truck’s global positioning device and Special Blue Plate who maps each show’s food adventure as well as tells us about today’s secret ingredient – has a rye sense of humor

Today’s Secret Ingredient- real and animated, each show has a different food ingredient which functions as the episode’s theme   

Flying Food Adventure Truck- real and animated, Eddie Spaghetti’s magic food truck that can fly, float and roll as it takes us on food adventures exploring food around the world

Kitchen Island – whimsical kitchen (painted set) inside the Flying Food Adventure Truck

Carmen Banana – animated Food Fashion news correspondent

John Stilton Cheese – animated Food History Hall of Fame and food news correspondent

Pico de Gallo – animated food explorer specializing in food origins/geography

Jamie Olive  - animated chef on Kitchen Island and star of “Jamie Olive Live” TV show

Snacky Chan – animated unhealthy snacks fighter/champion of good snacks

Julia Chive “The Fresh Chef”- animated chef/ food advisor on Kitchen Island

The Couch Potatoes – animated Mr. Harry and Mrs. Stella Couch Potato who just watch EATV all day and don’t like to exercise except when Richard Persimmons show is on EATV

Richard Persimmons – animated exercise guru who helps get the couch potatoes and our viewers off the couch

Birds on Kitchen Island  - animated chef parrots Captain Cook and Lovey keep the festivities lively on Kitchen Island

Pots and Pans Orchestra – animated pots and pans musicians who play all the music on Kitchen Island 

Acts “Live From The Ice Box Theater” – different animated music acts related to our theme ingredient play “Live” at the Ice Box Theater: The Food Fighters, Elvis Parsley, The 4 Carrot Tops, The Peach Boys, Katie Peary, Marilyn Mango, Cirque du Soufflé, Queen Lettuce Leafa, Harry Jellofonte, The Beetles, James Brownbread, Barbara Striesandwich, etc.… 

Shows on “EATV” – short an funny animated Food TV shows and snippets related to today’s special ingredient:  ingredient being interviewed on the Okra Winfrey Show, game shows like Let’s Make A Meal, Meal of Fortune, The Spice is Right, Family Food, The Roquefort Files, I Love Juicy, Soup Operas,  Gaelic Garlic and The Vegetable Underground, etc. 

Guest Chefs help out on Kitchen island: Julia Chive, Bobby Flavor, Martha Stewpot, Anthony Bordelaise from his show “No Refrigeration”, Wolfgang Duck, Paula Bean. 

Rachel Ravioli’s 30 Second Meals – animated Rachel Ravioli, recaps today’s recipe in 30 seconds

“Food Around the World” - real culturally and ethnically diverse families in America and around the globe share their experiences with today’s food ingredient

Real kids for “Favorite Foods and recipe interviews (our Pots & Pans Pals)” – share their personal favorite stories and recipes re: today’s ingredient, they download and print out our characters and go on their own food adventures and post pictures on our gallery site